Hermess Zobārstniecība

Dental prosthetics


Dental prosthetics provides a possibility to renew extracted teeth or teeth lost as a result of a disease (trauma).

If one tooth is missing, the rest of the teeth may gradually start moving, which leads to changes of teeth occlusion. A changed occlusion may be a reason for jaw diseases, it may make cleaning of teeth different, increase the risk of caries and gums diseases. The missing teeth make it difficult to chew the food and your smile may be less attractive.


- Removable dentures

We produce partial and total dentures from plastics. A new product – we can produce partial dentures made of Valplast flexible material, which provide maximum comfort. In order to ensure perfect fixation of dentures, we offer different construction partials.

- Non-removable dentures

Non-removable bridge denture (bridge) is a construction, which consists of one or several artificial teeth by replacing the missing teeth. They are fastened to the neighboring natural teeth by means of fixation elements.

Non-removable bridge dentures renew the effectiveness of occlusion to 100%. In appearance, they fully correspond to your natural teeth.
It is recommended to use them in case if the loss of teeth is minor and some individual teeth are retained. The following types of non-removable prostheses are possible:

- Micro dentures

Used in cases when one tooth is missing. These dentures are produced from glass fibre and the neighboring teeth should not be polished when inserting them.

Dental plates

Plates are usually made of porcelain, they are esthetically beautiful, look natural and can be worn long. By means of plates also the form of teeth, color, and length can be adjusted by keeping teeth easy to clean and nice cosmetically.

Production of plates demands slight reduction of tooth enamel (grinding), they are affixed on the tooth by a special adhesive.

- Implants

We prosthese on Semados, Ankilos and Bio Horizont system implants. We insert implants for Bio Horizont and Semados systems. Implantology has been studied in Germany. We attend courses on regular basis about different implant systems.

When inserting implants, a loss of one tooth may be very well compensated without polishing the two neighboring teeth. A bridge prosthese can be made on the implant teeth. During their lifetime, people often lose the fifth, sixth and seventh teeth. Usually a removable denture is offered. It may be not satisfactory to many people. Due to the fact that total dentures poorly hold to the lower jaw, then an option is to insert 2 or 4 implants, which improve fixation of the total denture. One should take into account that upon insertion of implants, wearing of the real prosthesis will demand waiting of five-six months. In some cases it is possible to insert a temporary denture.