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Dental treatment

- Cosmetic teeth restoration

Cosmetic teeth restoration will help to smooth the teeth line, hide the unnecessary wide splits between some teeth, remove the old, discolored fillings.

- Dental therapeutic treatment

For broader society, it is known as caries treatment. Caries is damage of the hard tissues of tooth. The earlier the treatment is started, the less will be the damage of tooth. It is caused by deficit of vitamins, mineral substances, calcium, phosphor in the body. Therefore fruit and vegetables should abundantly be used in your meals, less white flour containing food elements and sweets. Risk patients are pregnant women and teenagers. Most often caries is formed and progressing in case of poor oral hygiene.

At the initial stage of caries, patients usually do not have any complaints. When teeth enamel gets damaged, complaints appear in respect to sourness, sweets. If the decay has reached the dentine of a tooth, then complaints are directed to hot and cold. If assistance is sought at this period, we will have to clean carious mass from the decayed dental cavity and restore the tooth by means of a dental composite. We can offer the following:

Sometimes amalgam fillings are necessary for the 6th-8th teeth if caries has damaged tooth tissues under the gums.


- Dental endodontic treatment

If a patient has failed to seek for the stomatologist’s assistance, caries causing bacteria get to the pulp and the pulpitis – a tooth nerve inflammation - starts. Treatment gets more time-consuming and demands more effort, therefore it is also more expensive. Upon such a diagnose, the patient may have ache attacks, night pain is characteristic. Ache may spread to the neighboring teeth, ears and temples.

Treatment takes place in several sessions:

in the 1st session – the inflamed nerve is removed under anesthetics, the canal is cleaned mechanically by means of endodontic instruments, washed and dried. For interim period between sessions, some of calcium containing preparations is left in the tooth. The tooth cavity is closed by a temporary filling composite.

in the 2nd session - the canal is filled by gutapercha and some of the pastes used in endodontics. The activities of the 1st and 2nd session are controlled by RVG (digital X-ray). All pictures are retained in computer and afterwards enclosed to the patient’s card.

During the 3rd session, hard tissues of the decayed tooth are replaced by a composite filling - light-hardening composite or amalgam. The clinics Hermess uses the composite materials manufactured in the USA and Germany.

- Surgical treatment of teeth, implants

In order to carry out quality surgical manipulations, good anesthetics is necessary. We use anesthetic substances whose period of activity is 2 - 4 hours. Anti-pain preparations used nowadays practically have contraindications. They are safe for heart, do not penetrate through placenta barrier and do not come into the breast feeder’s milk. We can carry out anesthetics in practically painless way, first we apply an anesthetic gel around the gums, and then the prick of a syringe is painless.

We make teeth extractions in a saving manner because a patient may have a wish in the future to insert an implant. Then it will be significant that his own bone is as far as possible retained sound.

IMPLANT is a titan alloy screw, which is inserted straight into the jaw bone by means of a special instrument and it replaces the root of the lost tooth.
It is possible to insert an implant also immediately after extraction of a tooth, provided that there is no process at the end of the root. Upon such procedures, usually a patient’s treatment plan is drawn up and additional investigations are prescribed.